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Custom Rods start at $200 and up depending on complexity and component costs.

Repairs start at $10 and up depending on complexity and component costs.  Repairs include guides, tip tops, reel seats, and grips.  

Complete refurbishing on existing rods starts at $300.   (But why so expensive??? It's just my old rod that I love so much.  Answer:  it's the labor that goes into it.)

Shipping and handling costs vary by location.  I ship all rods in a PVC Tube with heavy duty PVC end caps.  Generally the prices start at $70 for shipping to most places in the U.S. 

Forms of payment accepted:  Cash, Check, Paypal, Venmo and Credit/Debit Cards via the internet.

Components and Process

We utilize components from almost every major component manufacturer out there, depending on the customers needs.  

American Tackle

Rainshadow Rod Blanks









I want to make you a rod that I will (hopefully) never see again, so I utilize multiple coats of the highest quality epoxy resins in the industry on your guides.  I put scary amounts of epoxy in the grips (spun reel seats aren't fun!).  

How to Order

Thinking about a custom rod?  There's a few things you'll need to think about.

Before considering having a custom rod built, ask yourself what you plan on using it for.  What species am I targeting?  What lures/baits am I casting?  Am I vertically jigging?  These are critical questions that will help to answer the questions I'll ask you when you call.  There are four factors that I consider when choosing a blank to build on:  Length, Lure Weight, Line Class and Action.  So, be prepared to answer some questions!

For spinning setups:  be prepared to know exactly what reel you plan on putting on the rod.  This is critical to guide placement.  Properly placed guides allow for longer casting distances. 

For conventional setups:  go ahead and Google "Acid Wraps" and consider having that done on your conventional setup.  

Once you've got the basic information, go ahead and give me a call.  


All non-charter use rod components are covered under warranty for 2 years after purchase.  We will repair or replace broken guides*, reel seats, gimbals, or grips, no questions asked.  This does not include normal wear and tear or abuse.**  Uni-butts, gig heads, and gaff hooks are also not covered by this waranty.  Rod blank breaks are covered by the blank manufacturer’s warranty (e.g. American Tackle, Rainshadow, etc.) and are at the discretion of the individual manufacturer as to the blank replacement.  Rods used in Charter use are covered for a period of 1 year from purchase.  

Proof of purchase is required if bought from a dealer and not from Bandit Custom Rods, directly.  The warranty only extends to the original purchaser of the rod.

After the warranty period, guides can be replaced at $10 per guide.  All other repairs/replacement outside of the warranty period will be priced at the time of diagnosis.  

*Titanium Guides are not covered under this warranty.  Repair will be done at $10 or at cost, whichever is greater.  

**It is at the full discretion of Bandit Custom Rods during diagnosis of any issues to determine what is 'wear and tear.'

[Rods purchsed prior to 7/22/23 are subject to a different warranty.  Contact BCR for details.]

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